Thursday, 19 April 2012


 Maybe the WORLD would be a little nicer if everyone..

Stopped just LISTENING to a friend's problem and started actually CARING about them. Believe me, they'll be able to tell different.
Said hello to a random stranger. Some people might give you a weird look, but you never know when you're missing out on meeting someone amazing because of word unspoken.
Stopped caring about what everyone else thinks. If you have time to care, then you're not really living a life.
Expressed what you feel. Even anger and sadness are better than no emotion at all.
Tried a little harder in achieving you dreams.. Because without dream's what are we living for?
Just laughed. Laughing is so much more important than we give it credit for.
Had a BEST FRIEND? Friendship is a precious gift. Try not to lose it.
Stopped with prejudice. Everyone deserves a chance, so give them one.
Moved past the bad things. The next generation need guidance just as much as you once did, even if they won't admit.
Helped someone even when they didn't ask for it. Sometimes, two simple little word like "Help Me" become the most difficult thing to say.

AND maybe YOUR life would be a little brighter if you...

Stopped sitting here reading this list and actually  went out in the world and made a difference. Be worthwhile, make an impact!!!

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