Friday, 27 April 2012


Lots of thing happen during the Merdeka Raya event..
It's not anything bad that happen but the other way around..hewhew
Well, in KIC we're the first batch to celebrate this event..
So it's not that grand at all.. 
It's simple but meaningful instead...
For this event, my class make a video about the Hari Raya & Merdeka..
All of my classmates involve in this video..
I had lots of fun too~

Here's the BEST EXTRAORDINARY moments at KIC!!

Awesome friends & one-eyed me??Weird much..hewhew
Preparation is under control people!!haha
Nasha's face is PRETTY isn't it??
What the hell am i thinking??hmm..
Kirkbytes's Princes & Princesses!!
Happy times~^^

Shakespeare's photo shoots?hahaha
We'll Always Shine the BRIGHTEST when we're TOGETHER!!


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